Telling Your Story

Telling your story is not one of the easiest task no matter the circumstances, either you have to tell it to motivate or give hope ,its not easy .Telling your story is not just about telling people about your past ,its about telling people what you have been through ,revealing to people your trials and tribulations at the time .It is about showing people how weak and vulnerable you were once before you gained your power and self discipline .Telling your story is about showing the scars you have been hiding .Its about showing them the pain and sadness you have been through .Its about telling them that you once fell and now you are rising up like the sun in the morning .Sometimes when you have to tell your story you may feel like people will see you as vulnerable and think you are a drama queen but trust me .The moment you tell your story you are saying “I have survived “or “am strong” .So darling the next time you tell your story ,share it with confidence .Chin up and tell it as it is .It is your story ,so own it. You never know if your story can be the wake up call to a lost soul.


Pictures for me are not meant to be Perfect

16 march 2015-during break...grade 11In this century if you don’t know what a selfie is ,you’ll shock many people .You know why?, because we live for selfies in this generation .We live for pictures. We tell stories with our pictures more than we use words to tell them. Its easy to express a feeling or a thought using a picture instead of words. That’s why they say a picture is worth a thousands words. One thing I have realized about our generation is that we want our pictures to be so perfect and for me that’s a bit unreasonable. I mean first of all we are not perfect ,so why do we want our pictures to be so perfect? I fail to understand. For me pictures are taken for momentums not for them to be perfect. Pictures are taken anywhere and anytime and right after being taken ,you will see an individual opening an application where they can edit and filter the pictures ,either for them to appear lighter or darker in the picture and most of the times is to appear lighter than they are in real life .Unfortunately we can’t walk around with those filters .After editing that picture and posting it on Instagram or Facebook  you are still the same .We are imperfect people but we still beautiful ,why not just drop the filters for some time? and show off our flaws? I feel like that’s easy because then you get to embrace your flaws as they are  part of you because for a moment when you edit your pictures you forget about them. Take your picture and post it as naked as it is. You are not perfect so don’t die for your picture to be.

21st century youth

we are so free but at the same time we are not free.We have everything that our great  grand parents would have loved to have but sometimes its not enough. Everything is so fast for us .Technology is like oxygen,without our smartphones we don’t function well.Technology is what makes our lives easier and interesting and sadly it also kills us ,but what if there was a time machine and we could go back in time ,would we go back to the medieval times adjust to the lifestyle? Would we cope?that’s a thought I will leave you with…..DSC_0286.JPG